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Support Group Schedule

"A woman lifted up by others is stronger than a woman standing alone!"

All support group meetings, unless otherwise indicated, are free and convene the 2nd Tuesday of each month at:

Frazer United Methodist Church
6000 Atlanta Highway • Room 8114
Montgomery, Alabama

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Sunshine Ministry

sunshinebasketPart of the mission of Women of Hope is to offer encouragement and support to breast cancer patients. Newly diagnosed patients are facing a new and untraveled road. The journey is often times long and tedious so we want the patient to know that WOH will walk with them through this difficult time and offer support as they enter into this unfamiliar territory.

As soon as we are aware that someone has been diagnosed with breast cancer, we present that person with our "pink gift basket", a basket filled with lots of "pink" surprises and a welcome letter to introduce them to the organization. We invite them to join us for our support group meetings so that they might meet other "survivors" who have already traveled the same road. The "sisterhood" is an invaluable resource during the whirlwind of confusion and treatment. A woman lifted up by others is stronger than a woman standing alone!

We also provide "pink gift bags" to the Montgomery Cancer Center and to breast surgeons in Montgomery to be given to patients at the time of their diagnoses. This package includes items that the patient might use while taking treatments. Not only does this gift introduce them to WOH, but it also gives them a warm feeling of encouragement and HOPE. "Pink" will have a special meaning from this day forward!

More women (and men) are being diagnosed with breast cancer daily and WOH would like to reach out to those in our community and help make the diagnosis a little more bearable. If you know of someone that has been diagnosed, please call WOH and we will be glad to deliver a basket to them.

Life After Cancer

recipeforsurvivalframeLIFE AFTER CANCER

    WOMEN of HOPE breast cancer support groups help those people and their care givers in all stages of breast cancer. Our focus is on coping with diagnosis, treatment and enjoying life after cancer. Bring your family and friends to the monthly meetings and special programs at no charge. Learn from guest speakers who are doctors, nurses and cancer survivors. Come and meet people who have been cancer survivors for many years.

     A noted researcher did a ten year study on the effect that participation in support groups like "WOMEN of HOPE" had on cancer patients:

·         When compared to people who were not in groups, the people who participated in the support groups "showed significantly lower depression, fatigue, confusion and total mood disturbance as well as higher vigor."

·         The study showed that support groups had a beneficial effect on length of life for cancer patients who participated.

     Treating cancer is more than just healing the physical symptoms with drugs and chemotherapy. Research shows that emotional support from families, friends and others who have experienced cancer firsthand is crucial to the well-being of someone living with the illness.  Don’t hesitate to rely on your family and friends for support!  When overcoming breast cancer a support group can help you meet others who are suffering from the same disease. There is no better way to alleviate your emotional and challenging needs!

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